Daughter of Sea Gem Blue Little Mermaid Ariel's Pendant Fairy Tale Wedding Mediterranean Ocean Heart Necklace 14K Gold Platinum Glaze Drop


Sterling Silver Holy Bible Wedding Ring Set Eden Garden Adam Eve Silver Rib Ring Customized Silver Bone Promise Couple Ring Anniversary Gift


Turquoise Blue Glaze Mermaid Tear Drop Earring Turkey Blue Resort Dangle Glass Earring Unique Handmade Sky Blue Fairy Frozen Tear Earring


Natural Aventurine Jade Green Stud Earring Neoclassical Cyan Little Lucky Stone Stud Mint Green Small Post Earring Ice Green Sugar Bean Stud


You Who Came from the Stars White Gold Dazzling Star Pendant Sailor Moon Cosplay Silver Star Zircon Necklace Silver Metal Little Star Jewel


Striking Golden Yellow Triangle Platinum Gold Plated Sterling Silver Geometry Pendant Minimalist Avant Garde Metal Art Deco Couple Necklace


New Year Green Gift Box Bowknot Post Earring Kawaii White Bow Tie Emerald Gems Cube Stud Vintage Green Crystal Cube Dangle Stud Earring


Sweet Sunshine Citrine Yellow Crystal Stud Jelly Textured Honey Candy Bead Creative Glaze Earring Small Gemstone Bright Color Post Earring


Shiny Zircon White Gold Plated Copper Bracelet Bling Bling Crystal Diamond Wrist Band Victorian Ritro Leaf Vine Silver Rhinestone Bracelet


Green Tea Jelly Vermeil Dangle Earring Bright Yellow Green Glaze Teardrop Earring Lemon Green Crystal Gold/ Platinum Plated Silver Pendant


Unique Handmade Jewelry for You and Your Lover

Welcome to Greemotion -- the best place to find unique handmade jewelry for any occasion. There are lots of artworks here waiting for you to bring them home! Green is the symbol of rebirth, freedom and love. Design expresses your unique feelings. That's how Greemotion comes: green + emotion.