Item collection 534396f1 4ced 4d40 81b6 c1ce74e18024

Striking Golden Yellow Triangle Platinum Gold Plated Sterling Silver Geometry Pendant Minimalist Avant Garde Metal Art Deco Couple Necklace


Item collection cbded805 c6a1 4b00 a999 ee90507556ea

New Year Green Gift Box Bowknot Post Earring Kawaii White Bow Tie Emerald Gems Cube Stud Vintage Green Crystal Cube Dangle Stud Earring


Item collection 7d283988 f439 4721 aa93 c784eb598d55

Sweet Sunshine Citrine Yellow Crystal Stud Jelly Textured Honey Candy Bead Creative Glaze Earring Small Gemstone Bright Color Post Earring


Item collection 869e75a4 e6e9 4ff7 9cc1 84c5a481d6f3

Daughter of Sea Gem Blue Little Mermaid Ariel's Pendant Fairy Tale Wedding Mediterranean Ocean Heart Necklace 14K Gold Platinum Glaze Drop


Item collection 1adda53e bfd0 44fe 8f73 75bad99ca4f6

Shiny Zircon White Gold Plated Copper Bracelet Bling Bling Crystal Diamond Wrist Band Victorian Ritro Leaf Vine Silver Rhinestone Bracelet


Item collection bf4585d2 f913 4186 8304 68bae02239a6

Green Tea Jelly Vermeil Dangle Earring Bright Yellow Green Glaze Teardrop Earring Lemon Green Crystal Gold/ Platinum Plated Silver Pendant


Item collection 86752afa 15c0 4a6c a7fc d022da6f3897

Turquoise Blue Glaze Mermaid Tear Drop Earring Turkey Blue Resort Dangle Glass Earring Unique Handmade Sky Blue Fairy Frozen Tear Earring


Item collection 761fa70f ef78 457c aa43 ba5baa5ae58f

Sterling Silver Holy Bible Wedding Ring Set Eden Garden Adam Eve Silver Rib Ring Customized Silver Bone Promise Couple Ring Anniversary Gift


Item collection ec7854e9 68fa 4f42 bedf 53de49fd7ed5

Natural Aventurine Jade Green Stud Earring Neoclassical Cyan Little Lucky Stone Stud Mint Green Small Post Earring Ice Green Sugar Bean Stud


Item collection 656d2d8f 522c 4743 9bce 8d46f8859e99

You Who Came from the Stars White Gold Dazzling Star Pendant Sailor Moon Cosplay Silver Star Zircon Necklace Silver Metal Little Star Jewel


Item collection 01d00234 0b84 467f 9f30 22de8af81398

Crystal Blue Frozen Tear Wedding Minimalist Pendant Turquoise Blue Glaze 14K White Gold Necklace Sterling Silver Blue Glass Bridal Necklace


Item collection a2421468 aecc 4003 b98f ca78a0b6b89d

Diamond and Crystal Rose Gold Fancy Star Bangle Gold Plated Twinkle Little Star Open Bracelet Romantic Shiny Star Sky Adjustable Bangle


Item collection 1251e316 e477 41f3 a24e 0eeff63ce68b

14K Gold Mermaid's Tear Pendant Inky Ocean Blue Gradient Colored Glaze Platinum Plating Sterling Silver Chain Tear Drop Fantasy Necklace


Item collection 7d279e6e 81c7 43e4 b3a8 a1c5bb45dd1e

Purple Snowflake Crystal Pendant Necklace White Gold Plated Silver Winter Snow Sweater Pendant High Fashion Handmade Christmas Jewelry Gift


Item collection bf0ffd4b 8eb5 4742 9f83 32a1a4d93fe3

Frozen Inspired Glaze Purple Teardrop Blue Crystal Charm Boho Silver Bracelet Aqua Blue Raindrop Peacock Blue Crystal Mediterranean Bracelet


Item collection 19754066 8430 4a3b 9047 ec2414789c3e

Natural Stone Fantasy Blue Crystal Gem Blue Glaze Sweet Summer Candy Girl Glimmer Star Sky Semi Transparent Bright Jelly Stud Earring


Item collection e2600ece 2614 4bd0 a768 742dd86c91fe

Mysterious Pandora's Box Amethyst Pendant Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Mini Choker Necklace Glimmer Purple Cubic Pendant Queen Necklace


Item collection efbd4f2f e897 4135 b7f8 af38e61e754b

Mermaid Pierced Engraving Sketch Portrait Pendant Bronze SeaShell Photo Locket Creative Retro Long Line Metal Bookmark Birthday Wedding Gift


Item collection 646ce54b 0fc2 403f b0e9 21398cc4b0e5

Forest Wedding Leaf in Rainy Day Unique Chandelier Earring Mori Woodland Fresh Leaf Bronze Bell Rose Gold Rhinestone Retro Dangle Earring


Item collection 2f9b2ec4 aa43 4beb b496 bfe3353a407f

Bird in Cage Rectangular Bronze Frame Dangle Earring Cageling Pendant with Red Agate Stone Lapis Lazuli and Bell Geometry Handmade Jewelry


Item collection b0d830d8 41bc 448a b27a 29bd1badf4b4

Avant Garde Golden Saturn Post Stud Earring Dazzling Zircon Planet Post Gold Plated Earring Unique Cosmos Galaxy Themed Big Statement Stud


Item collection 0c6f6869 1b6a 41ed 9d4e 39fab6925e54

Ice Queen Snowflake Post Earring with Blue Raindrop Frozen Cosplay Silver Snow Stud Earring Stunning Rhinestone Snowflake Green Drop Earring


Item collection a0d97bdb 26b5 4a04 8a57 c369b1677b4c

14K Gold Filled Emerald Gem Bracelet Golden Fine Chain Round Pendant Charm Bracelet Vintage Jade Green Minimalist Retro Handmade Jewelry


Item collection 807f95dd 91e9 4c26 9ad7 b98528e250c9

Rose Gold/ Silver Cross Pendant Holy Christine Necklace Classical Golden Mini Chocker Lovely Titanium Metal Pendant Simple Couple Necklace


Item collection c23abf94 5935 4965 8f9b 81548cc2d247

Fine Silver Wrapped Garnet Constellation Statement Birthstone Stud Earring Aries Vermilion Gemstone Unique Symbol Handmade Post Earring


Item collection cc597bae 3182 4842 87dd 1a4f3c62adf8

You Who Came From The Star Inspired Diamond Crystal Rose Gold Star Bangle Twinkle Star Open Bracelet Romantic Fancy Shiny Star Sky Bangle


Item collection 02d07074 f139 4c81 b3c3 f01e7cdeeee7

Cyan Fluorite Raw Stone Beaded Bracelet Green Crystal Fluorite Unique Bracelet Rainbow Fluorite Bead Ice Crystal Mint Green Bracelet for Her


Item collection 57123c73 81cd 4be7 b026 25042e3c50a3

Vintage Seashell Jewelry Box of Little Mermaid Ariel Gift for Daughter of Sea Natural Pink Shell Pearl White Clam Golden Frame Gilded Clasp


Item collection a4cb5764 0186 4c0c a6b0 0233b25e6552

Novelty Champagne Gold Diamond Post Earring Black Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Hollow Diamond Stud Geometry Locket Black Diamond Punk Earring


Item collection 851eb816 1d49 495a 8fc6 1c1a98040efa

18K Gold Plated Silver Holy Bible Wedding Couple Ring Set Eden Garden Adam Eve Golden Rib Ring Unique Handmade Lover Jewelry for Anniversary


Item collection 08f92783 bc2c 493a affe 3ffdc889342e

Alice in Wonderland Black Red Heart Bronze Gold Retro Bracelet Czech Glaze Metal Bead Fine Bracelet Kawaii Girl Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet


Item collection a0cd55ab bfd7 4215 ac09 c3a3d185b59a

Frozen Queen Snowflake Crystal Pendant White Gold Silver Frozen Snow Necklace Fairy Tale Winter Wedding Jewelry Minimalist White Necklace


Item collection 7b8a643e 8f78 44c1 acb1 7c2497bde5c4

New Year Jewelry Blue Giftbox Dangle Earring Navy Blue Bowknot Cube Stud Royal Blue Crystal Pandora's Box Stud Valentine Gift Post Earring


Item collection eca58ebb dc15 458e 8fb5 41b72ecfbc86

Silver Ginkgo Leaf Pendant with Pearl Copper Plated Fine Silver Classical Gingko Leaf Necklace Woodland Mori Girl Autumn Leaf Fan Necklace


Item collection 32002234 316f 418d a5bd a520f3118b1a

New Year Cherry Red Crystal Glaze Stud Earring Little Red Stone Post Earring Special Handmade Red Gem Mini Stud Goth Cosplay Blood Earring


Item collection 5fc26bb3 f118 4883 90d4 709a0ef27686

Crystal Raindrop Pearl Cloud Unique Bib Necklace Swaroski Element Blue Crystal Purple Pearl Short Necklace Crystal and Pearl Silver Chocker


Item collection cbe4862b 6329 4604 b1f5 98ac0666713b

Gold Feather Wedding Barrette with Pearl Vintage the Great Gatsby Hair Barrette Retro Golden Bridal French Barrette Boho Hair Clip Accessory


Item collection 9ca88a3e 1141 4da1 81af 7deb5c9dfe5b

Victorian Princess Crown Silver Bracelet Wedding Jewelry Zircon Cuff Bracelet Audrey Hepburn Roman Diamond Crown Diana Bridal Open Bracelet


Item collection 5d12612d 5aae 4b21 877d 4dbddf5966fc

Bird and Nest Asymmetric Stud Earring Unique Gold Statement Mini Bead Stud Woodland Little Bird Stud Mori Girl Bird Nest Irregular Earring


Item collection 3cf4f614 c925 404c a734 c38dd95feea4

Sailor Moon Red Star Dangle Earring Kawaii Tsukino Usagi Cosplay Jewelry Fairy Wand Sparkler Drop Earring Cocktail Party Wine Red Earring


Item collection 093d3092 e11c 4667 868c ff61e19ab1fa

Easter Bunny Earring Silver Bunnies Jewelry Gift for Her Little Rabbit Ear Stud Cute Bunny Mini Post Stud Animal Statement Earring


Item collection 35c2cd09 2beb 4235 a8cc dcb7f9915cc0

Mint Green Crystal Tear Pendant Necklace Rose Pink Diamond Drop Necklace Vintage Inspired Victorian Princess Necklace Cyan Raindrop Pendant


Item collection 5bdc0e13 202b 477d bae2 c472ad354762

Gold Star Dangle Hoop Earring Women Pearl Drop Gold Earring Crystal Star Dangle Earring Boho Goddess Gold Hoop Earring Fairy Wedding Earring


Item collection 175744bb 6ca4 43e7 9558 fdd4525bbcf2

Unique Moss Sphere Magic Crystal Ball Bib Necklace Forest Fairy Mysterious Green Phantom Crystal Pendant Seaweed Choker Botanical Jewelry


Item collection 536186a6 6d70 433e 8123 a11f6c128d02

Pink Rose Pearl Beaded Charm Bracelet Romantic Floral Glaze Bracelet Rosa Multiflora Bracelet Fairy Wedding Flower Jewelry Set Gift for Her


Item collection a0fc56e7 5a48 414a b49e 69ac8dd766b2

Retro Black Latin Cross Dangle Earring Mid Century Goth Night Elves Black Metal Earring Minimalist Golden Black Fine Cross Earring with Peal


Item collection bae75809 331c 4c6d 82be 32f180666cc3

Handmade Velvet Rose Unique Proposal Engagement Gift Hand Lettering Marry Me Mini Flower Knicker Knack Vintage Rose in Glass Felt Miniature


Item collection 0147b68c 6957 4ae7 8154 2e60c3ab0eb7

Mermaid’s Tear Colored Glaze Cyan Crystal Drop Earring Mint Green 23K Vermeil Platinum Plated Silver Dangle Earring


Item collection edecfb56 b49f 4383 8c24 580121a8d6b4

Unique Natural Butterfly Wing Sample Glass Test Tube Locket Pedant


Item collection c456bf9e c22a 4f7c a153 549fc04ee884

La Vie En Rose 24K Gold Filled Crystal Heart Charm Bracelet


Unique Handmade Jewelry for You and Your Lover

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