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Striking Golden Yellow Triangle Platinum Gold Plated Sterling Silver Geometry Pendant Minimalist Avant Garde Metal Art Deco Couple Necklace


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Daughter of Sea Gem Blue Little Mermaid Ariel's Pendant Fairy Tale Wedding Mediterranean Ocean Heart Necklace 14K Gold Platinum Glaze Drop


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You Who Came from the Stars White Gold Dazzling Star Pendant Sailor Moon Cosplay Silver Star Zircon Necklace Silver Metal Little Star Jewel


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Crystal Blue Frozen Tear Wedding Minimalist Pendant Turquoise Blue Glaze 14K White Gold Necklace Sterling Silver Blue Glass Bridal Necklace


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14K Gold Mermaid's Tear Pendant Inky Ocean Blue Gradient Colored Glaze Platinum Plating Sterling Silver Chain Tear Drop Fantasy Necklace


Item collection 7d279e6e 81c7 43e4 b3a8 a1c5bb45dd1e

Purple Snowflake Crystal Pendant Necklace White Gold Plated Silver Winter Snow Sweater Pendant High Fashion Handmade Christmas Jewelry Gift


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Mysterious Pandora's Box Amethyst Pendant Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Mini Choker Necklace Glimmer Purple Cubic Pendant Queen Necklace


Item collection 807f95dd 91e9 4c26 9ad7 b98528e250c9

Rose Gold/ Silver Cross Pendant Holy Christine Necklace Classical Golden Mini Chocker Lovely Titanium Metal Pendant Simple Couple Necklace


Item collection a0cd55ab bfd7 4215 ac09 c3a3d185b59a

Frozen Queen Snowflake Crystal Pendant White Gold Silver Frozen Snow Necklace Fairy Tale Winter Wedding Jewelry Minimalist White Necklace


Item collection eca58ebb dc15 458e 8fb5 41b72ecfbc86

Silver Ginkgo Leaf Pendant with Pearl Copper Plated Fine Silver Classical Gingko Leaf Necklace Woodland Mori Girl Autumn Leaf Fan Necklace


Item collection 5fc26bb3 f118 4883 90d4 709a0ef27686

Crystal Raindrop Pearl Cloud Unique Bib Necklace Swaroski Element Blue Crystal Purple Pearl Short Necklace Crystal and Pearl Silver Chocker


Item collection 35c2cd09 2beb 4235 a8cc dcb7f9915cc0

Mint Green Crystal Tear Pendant Necklace Rose Pink Diamond Drop Necklace Vintage Inspired Victorian Princess Necklace Cyan Raindrop Pendant


Item collection 175744bb 6ca4 43e7 9558 fdd4525bbcf2

Unique Moss Sphere Magic Crystal Ball Bib Necklace Forest Fairy Mysterious Green Phantom Crystal Pendant Seaweed Choker Botanical Jewelry


Item collection edecfb56 b49f 4383 8c24 580121a8d6b4

Unique Natural Butterfly Wing Sample Glass Test Tube Locket Pedant


Unique Handmade Jewelry for You and Your Lover

Welcome to Greemotion -- the best place to find unique handmade jewelry for any occasion. There are lots of artworks here waiting for you to bring them home! Green is the symbol of rebirth, freedom and love. Design expresses your unique feelings. That's how Greemotion comes: green + emotion.