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New Year Green Gift Box Bowknot Post Earring Kawaii White Bow Tie Emerald Gems Cube Stud Vintage Green Crystal Cube Dangle Stud Earring


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Sweet Sunshine Citrine Yellow Crystal Stud Jelly Textured Honey Candy Bead Creative Glaze Earring Small Gemstone Bright Color Post Earring


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Green Tea Jelly Vermeil Dangle Earring Bright Yellow Green Glaze Teardrop Earring Lemon Green Crystal Gold/ Platinum Plated Silver Pendant


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Turquoise Blue Glaze Mermaid Tear Drop Earring Turkey Blue Resort Dangle Glass Earring Unique Handmade Sky Blue Fairy Frozen Tear Earring


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Natural Aventurine Jade Green Stud Earring Neoclassical Cyan Little Lucky Stone Stud Mint Green Small Post Earring Ice Green Sugar Bean Stud


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Natural Stone Fantasy Blue Crystal Gem Blue Glaze Sweet Summer Candy Girl Glimmer Star Sky Semi Transparent Bright Jelly Stud Earring


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Forest Wedding Leaf in Rainy Day Unique Chandelier Earring Mori Woodland Fresh Leaf Bronze Bell Rose Gold Rhinestone Retro Dangle Earring


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Bird in Cage Rectangular Bronze Frame Dangle Earring Cageling Pendant with Red Agate Stone Lapis Lazuli and Bell Geometry Handmade Jewelry


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Avant Garde Golden Saturn Post Stud Earring Dazzling Zircon Planet Post Gold Plated Earring Unique Cosmos Galaxy Themed Big Statement Stud


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Ice Queen Snowflake Post Earring with Blue Raindrop Frozen Cosplay Silver Snow Stud Earring Stunning Rhinestone Snowflake Green Drop Earring


Item collection c23abf94 5935 4965 8f9b 81548cc2d247

Fine Silver Wrapped Garnet Constellation Statement Birthstone Stud Earring Aries Vermilion Gemstone Unique Symbol Handmade Post Earring


Item collection a4cb5764 0186 4c0c a6b0 0233b25e6552

Novelty Champagne Gold Diamond Post Earring Black Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Hollow Diamond Stud Geometry Locket Black Diamond Punk Earring


Item collection 7b8a643e 8f78 44c1 acb1 7c2497bde5c4

New Year Jewelry Blue Giftbox Dangle Earring Navy Blue Bowknot Cube Stud Royal Blue Crystal Pandora's Box Stud Valentine Gift Post Earring


Item collection 32002234 316f 418d a5bd a520f3118b1a

New Year Cherry Red Crystal Glaze Stud Earring Little Red Stone Post Earring Special Handmade Red Gem Mini Stud Goth Cosplay Blood Earring


Item collection 5d12612d 5aae 4b21 877d 4dbddf5966fc

Bird and Nest Asymmetric Stud Earring Unique Gold Statement Mini Bead Stud Woodland Little Bird Stud Mori Girl Bird Nest Irregular Earring


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Sailor Moon Red Star Dangle Earring Kawaii Tsukino Usagi Cosplay Jewelry Fairy Wand Sparkler Drop Earring Cocktail Party Wine Red Earring


Item collection 093d3092 e11c 4667 868c ff61e19ab1fa

Easter Bunny Earring Silver Bunnies Jewelry Gift for Her Little Rabbit Ear Stud Cute Bunny Mini Post Stud Animal Statement Earring


Item collection 5bdc0e13 202b 477d bae2 c472ad354762

Gold Star Dangle Hoop Earring Women Pearl Drop Gold Earring Crystal Star Dangle Earring Boho Goddess Gold Hoop Earring Fairy Wedding Earring


Item collection a0fc56e7 5a48 414a b49e 69ac8dd766b2

Retro Black Latin Cross Dangle Earring Mid Century Goth Night Elves Black Metal Earring Minimalist Golden Black Fine Cross Earring with Peal


Item collection 0147b68c 6957 4ae7 8154 2e60c3ab0eb7

Mermaid’s Tear Colored Glaze Cyan Crystal Drop Earring Mint Green 23K Vermeil Platinum Plated Silver Dangle Earring


Unique Handmade Jewelry for You and Your Lover

Welcome to Greemotion -- the best place to find unique handmade jewelry for any occasion. There are lots of artworks here waiting for you to bring them home! Green is the symbol of rebirth, freedom and love. Design expresses your unique feelings. That's how Greemotion comes: green + emotion.